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Persona remake set for PSP

Atlus adding new elements to PlayStation classic.


Atlus made formal announcement today of a PSP remake of Megami Ibunroku Persona. Set to carry the name Persona, the PSP version will be released on April 29 carrying a price point of 5,229 yen.

A newly opened official site refers to the game as full remake of the original, which was first released 13 years ago on the PlayStation. Changes include fully rearranged sound complete with new tracks, new movies for the opening and other areas, and refreshed event movies. Atlus also promises additional save points and other game balance adjustments to make the game more user-friendly.

Key staff members from the Persona series are at work on the PSP version. Atlus lists Kazuma Kaneko as art director. Kaneko served as character designer for the original and is generally regarded as the main driving force for the series. Shoji Meguro is listed as director. Meguro worked on sound for the original.

Atlus also reveals that an original soundtrack CD will be given to buyers on a first come basis as a purchase bonus. Details on the soundtrack have yet to be shared.

The Persona official site.

Coinciding with first coverage of the game in its print magazine this week, Famitsu.com has posted a full report on the PSP remake. This report includes screenshots and a trailer.

The Famitsu.com story reveals a few additional details on the game. Anime studio Kamikaze Douga is working on the game's movies, according to the Famitsu story. The site also makes note of a few additional balance adjustments such as the modified enemy encounter rates and the inclusion of adjustable difficulties. It also seems that players can look forward to new illustrations for your in-game Persona counterparts.

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