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Haruna Anno is this month's Metal Gear Online cover girl

Akina Minami has some competition...


Akina Minami looked sweet and all when she appeared in a kimono on the cover of the Metal Gear Online in-game gravure magazines (see this story if you don't know what I'm talking about). But the latest MGO update is like a thousand times better. Check it out:

As you can see, this cover features super retro gamer (and also, it seems, a model of some form) Haruna Anno. And not just any old Haruna Anno! She got all dressed up in maid attire for her in-game MGO debut, and even signed her name (I assume those two hearts are her signature).

Look for this cover in Metal Gear Online from today until February 17. I haven't checked out the game for myself, but Konami says that each of the game's lobbies will feature a different image.

Hey Akina fans, are you bummed that your favorite idol's time in the MGO spotlight came and went last month? Well then, check out this video:


That's Akina in the latest DS Yatterman game. For details, click here.

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