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Nintendo planning new R&D facility

Company looking at putting all development in one location.


Nintendo will be opening up a new research and development facility in its home city of Kyoto, Nikkei reports today. The new facility is expected to be used for the development of game hardware and software in the face of increased demand for games worldwide, the site says.

According to the site, Nintendo purchased late last year the 40,000 square meters of land in Kyoto's Minami Ward, close to its current headquarters. The purchase price was 12.8 billion yen. Actual start of construction on the new site is TBA.

Nintendo currently has two main facilities in Kyoto, its main office in Minami Ward and an older office, known as Kyoto Research Center, in Toyama Ward. The Nikkei report states that while Nintendo currently conducts R&D at both of these offices, it is looking into improving efficiency by placing all R&D in one location.

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