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Radiant Mythology 2 stays atop Media Create Charts

Sellouts reported for PS3's Demon's Souls.

Radiant Mythology 2 download content.

Tales of the World Radiant Mythology 2 maintained its hold of the top spot in Media Create's weekly sales charts, beating out a handful of new releases for the week covering February 2 to February 8. In hardware, portables continued to dominate, although sales were drown across the board.

Radiant Mythology 2, Bandai Namco's latest PSP installment of the Tales series, sold 44,922 units in its second week. Since release, the game has managed sales of roughly 258,000 units. Recently, Bandai Namco started offering download content for the title, and will presumably continue to do so.

In second place this week was Demon's Souls, a PS3 action title developed by From Software and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. In its debut, the game sold 39,689 units, and may have had the potential for more, with Media Create reporting an extremely high sales rate of 95.21% of stock. Media Crate suggests that while pre-release interest in the game was low, word of mouth spread quickly on the internet just before release, raising awareness for the title.

Screen's of Demon's Souls. This PS3 exclusive action title was developed by From Software.

Three older titles closed off the top five. The PSP and PS2 versions of Konami's Winning Eleven 2009 sold, respectively, 37,862 and 36,990 units. The DS version of Square Enix's Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles sold 33,985 units, good for fifth place. The Wii version placed 25th this week.

In sixth place was another new title, Detective Conan & Kindaichi Case Files. This DS title from Bandai Namco pairs up two well known detectives from the manga world for the first time and managed 19,973 units.


The top 10 closed off with the regulars. The PSP the Best budget version of Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G (Capcom, PSP) placed 7th with 17,821 sales, bringing its total to just under 400,000. Capcom announced yesterday that the budget release has topped the 500,000 shipment mark. Taiko Drum Master Wii (Bandai Namco, Wii) placed 8th with 16,338 units, followed by Rhythm Heaven Gold (Nintendo, DS) in 9th with 15,555 units and Wii Fit (Nintendo, Wii) in 10th with 14,826 units.

Placing out of the top 10 in their debut weeks were Another Code: R (Nintendo, Wii) in 11th, Chibi Maruko-chan DS Maru-chan no Machi (Bandai Namco, DS) in 16th, Destiny Links (Bandai Namco, DS) in 23rd, and Enkaku Sousa -- Shinjitsu he no 23 Nichikan (Sony, PSP) in 30th. As with all Sony first party PSP titles, the latter is available for download as well, at a slightly reduced price.

The PS3 version of Midnight Club Los Angeles, published in Japan by Spike, debuted this week in 13th with around 12,000 sales. The 360 version was down at 40th, with the PSP version, known as Midnight Club L.A. Remix, at 42.

Total software sales this week for the top 100 was 896,998, Media Create reports, down from last week's 1,378,293 units.

In hardware, portables continued to dominate, with the DSi alone outselling all three major consoles combined. As has been the case since its November release, DSi placed at the top this week with 49,529 sold, down from last week's 55,613. DS Lite contributed an additional 12,484 units, down from last week's 15,147 units. PSP fell to 34,969 units from last week's 44,135 units.

Wii topped consoles again, but continued on a downwards sales trend. This week, the console pushed 20,412 units, down from last week's 23,278 units. PS3 also fell a bit, from 17,405 units to 16,082 units. Xbox 360 rose a bit from last week's 8,107 units to 8,311 units.

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