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Microsoft to hold Street Fighter IV event with Chiaki Kyan and Yoko Inui

Event to be broadcast on Nico Nico Live.


Microsoft will be giving players a chance to show off their Hadoken and Shoryouken skills against two hot models shortly. Round 68 of the company's periodic weekend Xbox Live guest events, Xbox Live Park, will offer players a chance to compete in Street Fighter IV against Chiaki Kyan and Yoko Inui.

Known as Street Fighter IV Day, the event will take place on February 21 from 14:00 to 17:00. Participants will be able to face off against Kyan and Inui as part of beginners' matches. Microsoft has also invited top ranking players from throughout the country to join in as guest players for advanced play.

Chiaki Kyan (left) and Yoko Inui (right).

To take part in the event, interested parties will need to, prior to the start time, send a friend request to one of three gamer tags: "LIVE Park 04" to fight against ranking players, "LIVE Park 05" for beginners' play against Kyan, and "LIVE Park 06" for beginners' play against Inui. A maximum of 100 players can register for each gamer tag.

Those who don't get in or would rather just watch the action will be able to do so via a live broadcast that will be accessible through Nico Nico Live.

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