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Last Remnant PC demo dated

Square Enix shares latest details on PC version.


Square Enix shared today new details for the PC version of The Last Remnant. It also provided a release date for the game's promised demo.

As detailed in late January, the PC version of Last Remnant promises a variety of improvements over last year's Xbox 360 version. Players can look forward to a high speed battle option, language options, and a variety of gameplay changes.

Today, the company detailed a few additional updates for the PC version. Players can now make use of Shichininshu (known as The Seven in the English version) as ally units, putting this set of seven boss characters into "Union" teams. A female character named "Kirnea," a wandering salesperson who joins up as a party member later in the game, has access to new arts for the PC version. Players will also find that some characters can have their battle style changed in the equipment screen, switching between, for instance, single-handed and dual-handed swords.

The PC version also adds a few convenient features. On top of the previously announced equipment preview feature, players can now view ally characters' currently held items simultaneous with wanted items. Additionally, players can freely switch out arts for units.

Carrying the Games for Windows label, The Last Remnant will ship on two DVD's on April 9, priced at 8,190 yen. Required and recommended specs for the game can be seen at the official website, which also offers a benchmark test program.

The previously promised demo version of the game will be available at the official site on February 27. Players will be able to sample a dungeon, a town, and try out the game's Union system.

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