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Nippon Ichi unveils Witch Tale for DS

All new original RPG set for late May.


Nippon Ichi unveiled yesterday an all new RPG for the DS. Titled Witch Tale: Apprentice Witch and the Seven Princesses, the new game is being developed by Hit Maker and will be released on May 28.

The company has opened up a teaser site for the game, with promise of a full opening on the 27th. Those wanting a closer look, however, can find it at Gpara.com.

The Witch Tale teaser site.

According to the Gpara article, Witch Tale is the story of an apprentice witch, with a fairy tale motif coupled with dark themes. In the apprentice role is Ridel, a student at a witch school who longs to be the most famous witch in the world. She ends up in a fight against an ancient witch who has recently been revived.

Taking control of Ridel, players find themselves in a portal world in the underground of Roro Castle. From there, they can access the world's seven themed kingdoms. While moving about through these worlds, players encounter enemies and head off into battles. These battles make use of the stylus as players drag magic icons into slots in order to attack enemies.

The Gpara.com article says to expect further details on how the stylus is used in battle in a future update.

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