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Kingdom Hearts piano music CD set for May

Square Enix invites fans out to promotional video recording session.


Square Enix announced today its latest music CD release. The company will offer Kingdom Hearts fans the "Piano Collections Kingdom Hearts" soundtrack CD this May. Pricing is set at 3,000 yen.

Piano Collections Kingdom Hearts will include a track list centered around songs that were voted on by members of the Square Enix Members fan site in 2008 as part of a periodic promotion known as "My Favorite Music." Square Enix has yet to share a final track list.

As a promotion for the CD, Square Enix has set up a special page at the Square Enix Members site with a video message from Kingdom Hearts composer Yoko Shimomura. To view the video, which includes a sampling of the CD's music, visitors will have to log into site. Registration for Square Enix Members is, as always, free.

(For non-Japanese speakers, the video begins with a basic introduction to the CD by Shimomura, then proceeds to a sneak peak at the recording session, which, according to Shimomura, had just started up at the time of the video message recording.)

Coinciding with this announcement, Square Enix announced today that it will be inviting 50 Square Enix Members members to a recording session of a promotional video for the CD. Attendees will get to see a live talk session with Shimomura and also hear the piano music performed live.

The session will take place in Tokyo's Yoyogi area on the evening of April 2. Participants will be chosen through a drawing, with submissions accepted through the Members site from February 23 through midnight March 5.

In other Kingdom Hearts news, Famitsu.com reported today a May release date for Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. The site is also host to a number of new screenshots for the DS game.

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