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Last Remnant to be distributed on Steam

Worldwide simultaneous download release for PC port


Following up on closely on last week's finalized demo date, Square Enix offered up one major bit of news for the PC version of The Last Remnant today.

The company announced a download release for the game through Valve's Steam service. Square Enix will be making use of Steam's digital distribution and digital rights management system for the game.

Players who'd rather download will be able to do so simultaneously with the package version, as both will be released on April 9.

The Steam version of the game is set for a worldwide simultaneous release on that day; the international status of the package version is unclear.

Pricing for the download version has yet to be set. The package version will go for 8,190 yen.

Screens from the PC version of The Last Remnant, shared today by Square Enix.

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