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More Soul Calibur crap for Tales of the World

It really is a "tale" of swords and souls eternally retold.


Following up on on a Valentine's Day set of Soul Calibur costumes, Bandai Namco's latest update for Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2 goes for the broke with the Soul Calibur itself!

As with past download content, you're going to have to be skillful enough to place in the top 100 of a new EX Attack challenge in order to get this.

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Everyone who participates in the new challenge gets these two far less interesting items:

Bandai Namco is also offering a few free items:

From left to right, that's Eternal Sword P, Hishimochi, and Teraji. The latter is -- I think -- from Xevious. The middle one is from... well, I don't know, but I want a real version of it for when I go chick hunting in Roppongi!

Check the main andriasang.com channel in a bit for the boring specifics on the EX Attack.

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