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PSP dominates February software charts

Tales of the World beats out Mario & Luigi for top spot.


PSP dominated Enterbrain's February sales chart, taking the top spot and also grabbing four spots in the top 10.

Tales of the World Radiant Mythology 2. Bandai Namco has been continually offering special quests and new items for the game.

As reported at Famitsu.com today, the Enterbrain chart, covering January 26 through February 22, has Tales of the World Radiant Mythology 2 (Bandai Namco, PSP) in first place, with 288,860 units. Following its release on January 29, the title was in first place on the Media Create weekly charts two weeks in a row.

Tales just barely beat Mario & Luigi RPG 3 (Nintendo, DS). Released on February 11, this latest RPG twist on the Mario franchise sold 278,664 units. Part 2 in the series reached lifetime sales of 417,000 units, according to Famitsu.com.

Two versions of Winning Eleven 2009 followed, both released on January 29. The PSP version sold 177,399 units, just edging out the PS2 version's 177,147 units. The PS3 and Xbox 360 releases preceded these two late last year. The next Winning Eleven game, Winning Eleven Playmaker, is due for the Wii in May.

These were followed by Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Echoes of Time (Square Enix, DS) in 5th with 170,595 units, Star Ocean 4 (Square Enix, Xbox 360) in 6th with 166,027 units, Idol Master SP (Bandai Namco, PSP) in 7th with 121,271 units, and Street Fighter V (Capcom, PS3) in 8th with 102,803 units. These were all released over the reporting period. Enterbrain bunches the three Idol Master SKUs into one.

A couple of long sellers closed off the top 10. The PSP the Best budget version of Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G took 9th with 86,632 units, bringing its total since its October 30, 2008 release to 429,531 units. Wii Fit took 10th with 69,900 units, bringing its total to 3,179,099 units.

Mainichi.jp offered up its own report on the Enterbrain figures, providing a few hardware stats. DSi was tops for the fourth month in a row, with roughly 170,000 units sold over the period. Thanks to Star Ocean 4, Xbox 360 saw a 3.5 times burst over the month before, reaching sales of 49,000 units.

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