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Tales of the World gets White Day downloads

Bandai Namco offers swim suits for Valentine's Day companion.


Bandai Namco unlocked the latest set of download content for Tales of the World Radiant Mythology 2 today. As of 10:00 today, players now have access to a new EX Attack challenge and a few items.

The EX Attack Challenge is titled "White Day." In celebration of the companion day to February's Valentine's Day, which, it should be noted, was the starting point of download content for the game, the challenge offers players who rank in the top 100 a "Bathing Suit A" clothing item in both girls and boys varieties. All participants will get a Toroid shield (from Xevious) and a t-shirt.

The latest EX Attack download is apparently in celebration of White Day.
Swim suit clothing for the top 100 rankers.
The Troidal shield.

As with last week's update, this quest places no job restrictions on participants. The key download to unlock the mode will be available until 10:00 on the 18th.

The items for this week's update include a "harisen" fan, a bone, and a Beam Shield. These downloads have no end date.

The fan, bone, and Beam Shield.

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