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Two Soul Edge swords available for Tales of the World RM2

Bandai Namco offers latest EX Attack and item downloads.

The latest content for Radiant Mythology 2.

The latest in Bandai Namco's periodic Tales of the World Radiant Mythology 2 downloads will arrive tomorrow. The company shared details on the new content, which consists as usual of an EX Attack and new items.

The EX Attack is titled "Determine the Strongest Dual Swordsman." As suggested by the name, players must use a character with the Dual Swordsman job, which requires reaching level 15 as a regular swordsman. The key for the challenge will be downloadable from March 18 through April 1.

Bandai Namco has in-game prizes in store for participants and top rankers. All participants will get a Galagga t-shirt. Those who place in the top 100 ranking will get a Soul Edge Male and Soul Edge Female sword.

The latest item updates for the game will be available starting March 18 at 10:00. Players will have access to Cat Ears A, Bunny Head C, Reindeer Head, and Kagami Mochi.

Soul Edge Male and Soul Edge Female
Additional items on offer starting today.

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