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Sega opens portal site for Valkyria Chronicles

Site provides links to all properties in growing franchise.


Sega's Valkyria Chronicles is about to expand to a new media shortly with the early April start of an anime conversion. Coinciding with that, Sega opened up today a full portal site for all Valkyria Chronicles content.

Accessible at http://portal.valkyria.jp/, the site offers links to the game, the anime, books and comics, goods, and a developer blog.

A look at the new portal site.

The goods section is new for the portal. It offers details on how to buy figures, soundtracks, and costumes related to the Valkyria Chronicles world.

The blog section links to a previously running blog which is written from the perspective of the franchise's characters. In a posting from today, three characters discuss the start of the portal site and also remind visitors to attend the upcoming Tokyo International Anime Fair for a stage event focusing on the Valkyria Chronicles anime.

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