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Last Remnant PC version sees post-clear bonuses

New play options available for those who make it all the way through.

New artwork for the PC version of Last Remnant.

Square Enix's earlier list of changes for the PC version of The Last Remnant appears to have been just a partial one. Today, the company unveiled a couple of additional features that are new to the PC version.

Players who've cleared the main game once will be able to restart from the beginning using their clear data. This feature, which Square Enix states was in great demand from Xbox 360 players, allows the game to be started with money some items carried over,

Also available for those who've cleared the main game is the "Ransatsu Maniacs" mode. This can be thought of as an expert mode of play, with enemy parameters greatly increased. Players will be able to select this when starting up a new game. Square Enix warns that it's not possible to switch between standard and Ransatsu Maniacs play midway through the adventure.

Last Remnant is on course for PC release in both packaged and Steam-downloadable form on April 9. A demo is currently available at the official site.

Restarting the game using your clear data.
Selecting Ransatsu Maniacs mode.

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