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Final Fantasy set for Virtual Console

WiiWare Final Fantasy games also set for release overseas.


Square Enix formally announced today that the Final Fantasy series will be coming to the Virtual Console. The original Final Fantasy, first released in December 1987 on the Famicom, will arrive domestically some time in May, with an overseas release planned for some time in 2009.

This new development for Nintendo's growing retro download service was first announced overseas as part of a keynote speech given by Nintendo president Satoru Iwata during the Game Developers Conference. Iwata also confirmed that other Final Fantasy series will follow, although this was not mentioned in Square Enix's announcement today.

Screenshots from the Virtual Console version of Final Fantasy.

Also announced for overseas markets were two WiiWare titles, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles My Life as a Darklord, and Final Fantasy IV The After Years. The former is a sequel to the My Life as a King WiiWare launch title. This time, players assume the role of the daughter of the demon king and are tasked with setting up monsters and traps in a tower populated by demons in order to keep out invading heroes. The latter is a port of the Final Fantasy IV episodic sequel which recently completed distribution on iMode.

While both titles are due for overseas release in 2009, Japanese releases and names have yet to be formally announced.

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