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These are the best Yakuza 3 retail displays in Japan

Find out who won the Heat Action and Nagoshi Awards.


Japanese retailers are famous for being camera shy. If you bust out a camera at a major retailer, the clerks will be on you like Secret Service to a guy with a shoe.

And that's really a shame, because some displays in the game sections of shops can be absolutely amazing. I often manage to take a few sneak pics that you'll see on this blog or IGN occasionally, but some of the displays at the bigger shops like Yodobashi Camera Akihabara and Bic Camera Shinjuku really deserve better than sneak cell phone pics.

They deserve some official honors, and that's just what Sega has done. I hadn't heard about this before, but Sega was apparently holding a contest to determine the best Yakuza 3 display in the country coinciding with the game's February 26 release. Officially named "Ryu no Kizuna Campaign Display Contest" (Ryu no Kizuna can be translated roughly as "Dragon Bonds"), the contest saw participation from 2,228 retailers nationwide.

Today, as sales of the game topped 500,000 (this is also news, I believe -- the game was previously said to have shipped 500,000), Sega shared the winners. Here they are:

Grand Prize: Tenkei Award (1 shop)

Best Denki Shinjuku Takashimaya LiMB Corner (Tokyo)

Holy crap at the Yakuza 3 official site being displayed right in the middle of the display! It fits in just perfectly. The shot to the bottom left shows a character relation tree for the game. The middle shot looks like the entrance to the main Kamiyacho area of the game.

The pink sign to the right says:

"Legendary Cabaret Girl!"
"New Half Pub Morinu"
"We'll give you service"
"Warning: Morinu does not appear in Yakuza 3."

I have absolutely no idea...

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Runners Up: Heat Action Award (3 shops)

WonderGoo Mukoumachi (Kyoto)

Futaba Tosho (Hiroshima)

Wanpaku Shoppers Mall Nakama (Fukuoka)

A special "Nagoshi Award" was given to Best Denki Asakusa Matsuya (Tokyo) and Tsutaya Sapporo Kikusue (Hokkaido). Sega didn't share images of these.

In commemoration of the hard work, Sega will be dispatching Yakuza 3 producer Toshihiro Nagoshi to these shops for a signing event. Details to follow on the main channel later.

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