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Tecmo Koei Holdings opens shop

Company opens new corporate site and shares logo.


Tecmo Koei Holdings opened its doors today right on schedule. Coinciding with the start of joint operations, the new merged entity opened up a new corporate website and also unveiled a logo.

The name "Tecmo Koei Holdings" is the English name for the firm. In Japanese, the name is written "Koei Tecmo Holdings." This is similar to Namco Bandai Holdings, who's name is written Bandai Namco Holdings in Japanese.

The Koei Tecmo Holdings logo.
Chairman Yasuharu Kakihara (left) and CEO Kenji Matsuhara (right).

According to the corporate site, the company's vision is to be "the top entertainment content creation group in the world." The site lists the following management strategies:

Content Creation
Bringing together of development strengths from throughout the group for the creation of games to be new pillars for the company; expansion of game lineup
Content Expansion
Expansion of income from contents services through online communities; making use of media mix and collaborations to expand business and develop new markets; promotion of content in a variety of regions in order to realize the contents' full value
Formation of a worldwide brand through region-specific strategies that expand user base; nurturing and strengthening of overseas development facilities to improve quality of development, sales, and marketing; promoting the fusion of eastern and western cultures through globalization of human resources and management
Portfolio Management
Continually challenging new markets and businesses; building a portfolio in accordance with growth potential, profit potential, and the market environment; distributing resources appropriately in order to strengthen competitiveness at a global pace

As previously announced, Tecmo Koei Holdings is based in Yokohama and has former Koei CEO Kenji Matsuhara as CEO and former Tecmo CEO Yasuharu Kakihara as chairman.

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