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Falcom takes Ys VII multiplatform

The PSP version is just the start in a series of titles.


PSP may be the target platform for Ys Seven, but Falcom appears to have bigger plans for its banner RPG series. The company announced today multiplatform developments for the series that will see games under a common "Ys VII" project appear on a variety of platforms.

As previously announced, things will start off this September with Ys Seven on the PSP. Recently, Falcom began opening up about the game, providing solid details on its characters, story, and new party battle system.

Starting in fiscal 2010, the company plans on going multiplatform with Ys VII. The use of "VII" rather than "Seven" is intentional. "Ys Seven" is the name for just the PSP game. "Ys VII" refers to a whole set of titles for a variety of platforms. The various games will be unique action RPGs that take advantage of their platforms. Falcom will be producing and planning all the games.

Falcom has previously gone a similar route with the Ys series. The fourth game in the series saw completely different installments on the PC Engine CD and Super Famicom.

The company did not share specific platform plans.

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