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Tales of the World gets new EX Attack and items

Downloads in celebration of the start of school and the flower viewing season.


Namco Bandai gave Tales of the World Radiant Mythology 2 its latest set of download content today, offering players a new EX Attack and some free goods.

The EX Attack is titled "Determine the Strongest Magician" and is available to those with the job of "Magician." All participants will receive Myu T-shirt, SP Flag, and Suidama Sox items as a gift. Those who rank in the top 100 will get Deck Brush and Pumpkin Head items.

The latest EX Attack challenge.
SP Flag, Pumpkin Head, and Deck Brush items.

The item downloads fall under the "School Entrance and Hanami Set" and include Dango, Gym Suit A, White Sox, and Deta Megane C. These downloads are all free.

Dango and White Socks.
Gym Outfit A.

All content is available as of today (April 1) at 10:00. The EX Attack password will be available until April 15 at 10:00.

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