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Sengoku Basara Battle Heroes teams with popular singers

Capcom announces two theme songs for upcoming PSP release.


Its April 9 release fast approaching, Capcom appears to be making its final promotional efforts for Sengoku Basara Battle Heroes. Today, the company detailed two musical tie-ups and two mobile promotions for the PSP game.

The musical tie-ups involve two theme songs. Abingdon Boys School and Olivia will both have songs featured in the game, respectively "JAP" and "Sailing Free." Both songs will see single releases following the game's release. "JAP" is due out on May 20 priced at 1,020 yen for a standard version and 1,365 yen as part of a DVD bundle. "Sailing Free" is set for April 15, priced at 1,800 and available in both Basara and Olivia varieties.

JAP, to the left, and the Olivia and Basara versions of Sailing Free, to the right.

Outside of these musical tie-ups, Capcom is holding a couple of mobile promotions for Battle Heroes. The game's cell phone site now offers the first of four emoji sets. Each symbol represents a general. Visitors can also access a new flash wallpaper. The line displayed on the wallpaper changes each time your phone's standby screen shows.

The promotions will be continuing for Sengoku Basara Battle Heroes. The next official site update promises a vote to determine the most popular general.

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