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PS3, PSP top domestic market in March

Sony dominates both hardware and software.


The weekly sales charts out of Media Create have suggested as much, but yesterday Enterbrain confirmed Sony's dominance in the Japanese market over the month of March. For the five week period covering February 23 through March 29, PS3 and PSP held leads over rival platforms.

In consoles, PS3 beat the Wii for the first time in 16 months, its 146,948 units topping Wii's 99,335 units. Xbox 360, which recently crossed the million mark in total sales, sold 43,172 units.

PSP beat the DSi in the portable market. Fueled by the release of new colors, Sony sold 258,422 units of the PSP hardware. DSi, which also saw new colors, sold 241,918 units. The DSi figure does not include sales of the standard DS Lite system.

Sony's dominance in the console area is presumably attributed to a few major releases. The PS3 took the top two sales spots with Yakuza 3 at 459,786 units and Resident Evil 5 at 428,545 units. The PS3 also had its first ever lead in total software sales for a month period, selling a total of 1,077,900 software units.

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