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Something going down with Street Fighter IV on April 17

An announcement about an announcement at the SFIV blog.


The Street Fighter IV blog saw its regular update today. Last week, the update was about the SFIV tournament DVD. Today, something a bit juicier.

The blog states that April 17 will offer notice about the time frame of something. The something is one of two things that people should apparently know about. It may even be both the things!

I'm going to assume that it's either a software update that adds that darn Championship Mode, or it's release information about the PC version. Both were mentioned in a Q&A session a few weeks back.

And that's it! For the record, the blog's poster, Natsuki Shiozawa, does apologize for posting a notice about a notice.

While you sit in deep thought pondering the possibilities for next week's notice, be sure and check out these new pics of King of Fighters XII. The game hit Japanese arcades today.

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