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DS to serve as interactive guide at Disney Resort

New interactive guide offers mini games and film times.


Nintendo and Oriental Land announced today plans to use the DS as a digital guide at Ispiari, a shopping center in Chiba's Tokyo Disney Resort facility. The program will kick off on April 25.

Visitors to Ispiari will be able to download a special program, titled "Ispiari Nintendo DS Guide, to their DS system. This guide offers information on the facility, including movie times and guidance to shops and restaurants. The software also features a couple of mini games, a message board, and a map with a fairy pointing out the shortest route between locations.

The following four areas will be accessible from the software:

Includes general guide book functionality for Ispiari along with navigational tools that guide you from your current location to your desired location.
Games set in Ispiari
Includes a variety of games such as "Quiz" and "Find the Fairy." These are themed around the Ispiari facility.
Information Search
Offers information on the facility's 140-plus shops and restaurants, along with event schedules and movie times. This section also displays routes with consideration for those with strollers and the handicapped.
Message Board
A message board service which allows users to share their position with up to 16 others. The message board uses direct input via the stylus.
The mapping and bulletin board functionality.
The shop guide and two mini games.

In a statement issued today, Nintendo and Oriental Land said that this collaboration was formed due to Nintendo's desire to put the DS to use in new ways and Oriental Land's desire to offer its customers services with high value and convenience.

Nintendo has previously conducted tests that put the DS to use as an information terminal at train stations and select McDonalds restaurants.

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