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Here's your new Puyo Puyo girl

Who can take the place of Ebi-chan?


I made a slight error in my live blog of a live blog of today's Sega press conference. It turns out that Sega did end up announcing the image girl for Puyo Puyo 7. And here she is:

Meet Erika Toda. Born: August 7, 1988. Blood Type: AB. Height: 163cm, Three Sizes: B75, W56, H78.

A native of Kobe, Erika saw here movie debut in 2006's Death Note. Prior to that, she appeared in a number of dramas and commercials.

Based of her Wikipedia entry, Erika has been ranked 7th Fresh Star Ranking, 3rd Most Prominent 18-year-old, and 7th Beautiful Skin.

Puyo Puyo 7 won't be Erika's first game-related role. She was the voice of Shizuka Gozen in that memorable PS3 launch title Genji.

I'm trying to figure out if this makes it ironic that Puyo Puyo 7 is not scheduled for the PS3.

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