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Namco Bandai offers more Radiant Mythology DLC

A new EX Attack and some free items.


Namco Bandai Game gave its Radiant Mythology download content program a couple of weeks off following its last April 1 update. But today, the latest set of content arrived in the form of an EX Attack challenge and a handful of free items.

The EX Challenge is titled "Determine the Strongest Hunter." As suggested by the name, the quest is open exclusively to hunters. The code for accessing the challenge will be available until April 28 at 10:00.

All participants in the challenge will get three items: Pac Man t-shirt, Ring Boots C, and Date Glasses C. Those who rank in the top 100 will get a Devil Bow weapon.

The Devil Bow weapon.
From left to right, Pac Man t-shirt, Ring Boots C, and Date Glasses C.

The free items include Fashionable Glasses E, Yellow Sunglasses, Round Mini Glasses E, and Date Glasses B. These are available indefinitely.

A sampling of the glasses.

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