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Boot SFIV From Home With New Update

Latest details from the Street Fighter IV official blog.


The Street Fighter IV official blog saw its expected update today. There's no explanation for the differences between the PS3 and Xbox 360 updates (although a lot of the comments do ask for an answer to this question), but there is quite a bit of worthy content in the post.

First, the big news. This was posted here on the main channel earlier today. According to the blog, a release date for the PC version of SFIV will be announced on May 1. The blog also hints that the PC version will arrive in the summer before things get too hot, which I think means either June or July, as August is when things usually start getting ridiculous here (in Japan -- the blog is in Japanese, so I presume it's referring to the Japanese summer).

News of a PC version makes me feel... well, absolutely nothing, to be honest, as I haven't played a PC game since King's Quest V (it was in VGA!). I'm more interested in hearing what little surprises Capcom has in store for PC players. This Q&A from a previous blog post said that the PC version would basically be a port of the console versions, but with a few surprises.

The rest of the blog post is a summary of the update information that was shared earlier today. The English-language Capcom Unity official blog goes a bit more in-depth on the update than the Japanese sources, so I'll refer you there.

There are a couple of additional things mentioned in the Japanese blog:

  • The Xbox 360-exclusive Replay Save & Key Display update lets you do the following three things when viewing replays: slow the playback down, display attack data (damage, combo damage), and turn on key display (the same as the training mode).
  • Following the update, you'll be able to boot up Street Fighter IV directly from Home.
  • The game will now display disconnect rate, shown as a percentage next to your name in lobbies (see the below image). Any type of disconnection, intentional and accidental, will count here. For the well meaning folks, the rate will apparently go down if you fight for a period of time without another disconnection.
  • The official English names for the three voting options in the PS3-only Replay Vote feature are Funny, Awesome, and Beautiful. In my initial story on the main channel, I originally translated these (not mistakenly... just differently) as Interesting, Skillful, and Beautiful.
Disconnect Rate

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