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Xbox 360 Spring Press Conference Live Blog

Tune in live as Microsoft unveils its upcoming lineup.


Microsoft is holding its big Xbox 360 Title Preview Spring 2009 event today in Tokyo. Here's a live blog of the proceedings.

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15:13 -- They have demo units in back, so I'm going to see what's playable.

This live blog is officially over, so please close your browser windows and destroy your computers.

15:12 -- And that's the end of the conference!

15:12 -- Release date set for Summer, 2009.

15:11 -- Oh dear... it's Gears of War 2.

15:11 -- What could it be?

15:11 -- He's going to show one more title!

15:10 -- He says fans want them to set the next goal for the 360 to be 3.6 million units.

15:10 -- Sensui stakes the stage again.

15:09 -- (well, for the trailer splash, that is)

15:09 -- And that's it

15:09 -- Magna Carta 2

15:09 -- Mass Effect

15:08 -- Wanted Weapons of Fate

15:08 -- WWE Legends of Wrestlemania

15:08 -- Death Smiles

15:08 -- Top Spin 3

15:08 -- Bionic Commando

15:08 -- Ketsui Extra

15:07 -- Extreme Racing Pure

15:07 -- Battlestations Pacific

15:07 -- Time Leap

15:07 -- MLB 2K9

15:07 -- Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising

15:07 -- Tayutama Kiss on my Deity.

15:06 -- NHL2K9

15:06 -- Dream Club

15:06 -- Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires.

15:06 -- X Blade

15:06 -- Mamoru-kun

15:06 -- BlazBlue

15:06 -- KOF XII

15:05 -- Elder Scrolls Sivering Isles expansion.

15:05 -- H.A.W.X.

15:05 -- This part of the conferences finishes off with a splash trailer.

15:04 -- Also set for 2009.

15:04 -- Also Square Enix, 0 Day Attack on Earth, a multiplayer overhead shooter.

15:04 -- Set for 2009 release.

15:04 -- This is an overhead action game that's compatioble with Xbox Live Vision.

15:03 -- Also from Square Enix, Project Cube.

15:03 -- Next, Yosumin Live, also from Square Enix. Release date still set for Spring, 2009.

15:03 -- He then introduces Crystal Defenders even though it's been out for ages now.

15:02 -- Release TBA.

15:02 -- Also, King of Fighters Sky Stage, a shooting game!

15:02 -- Also SNK Playmore, King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match.

Set for 2010.

15:02 -- Set for release between Spring and Summer 2009.

15:02 -- Next, SNK Playmore's Garou Mark of the Wolves.

15:01 -- And a versus mode.

15:01 -- Includes arranged mode for up to four players.

15:01 -- It's a remake of the original.

15:01 -- From Taito, Bubble Bobble Neo, set for 2009 at 800 MS Points.

15:01 -- From Taito, Space Invaders Extreme, set for Spring 2009 at 800 MS Points.

15:00 -- It's pronounced Zero To D, by the way.

15:00 -- From Arc System Works, 0-D Beat Drop, a rhythm puzzle game.

Set for release between spring and summer.

15:00 -- From Hudson, Nectaris Military Madness.

Set for release TBA at 800 MS Points.

14:59 -- Rockman 9. Set for June at 800 MS Points.

The game was released only for Wii in Japan until now.

14:59 -- Apparently, the release date was finalized today!

14:58 -- Release date set for 4/29, priced at 1,200 MS Points!

14:58 -- Next, Virtual On Oratiro Tangram.

14:58 -- Banjo and Kazooie 2, set for 4/29 at 1,200 MS Points.

14:57 -- First, Lode Runner, from Microsoft.

Priced at 1,200 MS Points, set for release on 4/22... tomorrow!

14:56 -- He moves on to Xbox Live Arcade.

14:56 -- Platinum Collection Musou 5 and Bioshock are set for 7/2, priced at respectively 3,990 and 2,940 yen.

14:56 -- Currently has 48 titles.

14:56 -- He moves on to the Xbox 360 Platinum Lineup.

14:55 -- Next, Samurai Spirits Shin. Set exclusive for Xbox 360 in 2009.

14:55 -- Release set for 2009.

14:55 -- Next, King of Fighters XII.

14:55 -- This is a first unveiling, it seems.

14:54 -- Next, Cave's Mushihime-sama Futari Ver. 1.5.

14:54 -- G.Rev's Mamoru-kun ha Nowareteshimatta.

14:54 -- First, BlazBlue. Set for 6/25 release.

14:53 -- That is to say, games that were in arcades and are coming to 360... not Xbox Live Arcade titles.

14:53 -- Next, a bunch of arcade games.

14:52 -- Set for release in Fall, 2009.

14:52 -- Next, Halo 3 ODST.

14:52 -- Man... I don't like how the CM announcer pronounces "Mass Effect" at the end.

He says it like "Moss Effect."

14:51 -- He shows the game's first CM.

14:51 -- Ahh, Mass Effect.

14:51 -- First up... a large scale sci-fi RPG.


14:50 -- He's introducing the upcoming lineup.

14:50 -- Next, a look at the Xbox 360 lineup from Joji Sakaguchi, head of Xbox Marketing.

14:50 -- Sensui comes back.

14:50 -- Kawagoe takes the stage again and closes off his part of the presentation.

14:49 -- Date is still unchanged from Fall, 2009.

14:49 -- So, I haven't played Bayonetta yet, but boy does it look hot!

14:48 -- The demo comes to an end.

14:48 -- So, at the end of the boss fight, the boss drops a super giant axe that it had been using in the fight. Bayonetta is able to pick up the axe and use it as her own weapon. It shrinks down to her size first, of course.

14:47 -- I think Bayonetta's favorite line is "I've had enough of you." She says a lot when she kicks enemy ass.

14:47 -- After a bit of fighting, a super giant boss appears on the screen. Hashimoto reveals that it's actually just a mid boss, noting that the final boss is even more amazing.

14:45 -- There will be various torture attacks depending on the enemy.

14:45 -- OH MAN! They just showed the game's "Torture Attack" system. Bayonetta pushed an enemy into a guillotine and sliced his head off!

14:44 -- Followig the church scene, they lead Bayonetta out into an opening, and she faces off against a bunch of enemies.

Uhh... I think the background music has vocals.

14:43 -- This seriously does look like a next generation Devil May Cry.

I mean that in a good sense.

14:43 -- The stage ends with a results screen. they move on to a more relaxed look at the game, showing off Bayonetta's moves while alone in a church.

14:42 -- That was just intense!

14:41 -- Oh man!

14:41 -- I can't describe the amount of madness happening on the screen.


14:40 -- This time, she's getting attacked by dragons.

14:40 -- I took my eyes away from the session for a moment, but somehow she ended up on another clock, this one also falling through the sky.

14:39 -- Then, the clock smashes into the ground below and explodes.

14:39 -- She faces off against a bunch of enemies, Devil May Cry style, mixing hand-to-hand combat with gun play.

14:38 -- So, Bayonetta is on this clock tower that's for some reason falling through the sky. All these demons come at her and attack.

14:37 -- Following the trailer, Hashimoto explains the Climax Action system. A representative takes the controller in hand to play.

14:36 -- Man, this is so Devil May Cry with breasts.

I love it!

14:34 -- But first, he starts with a trailer.

14:34 -- He's going to hold a live demo of the game.

14:34 -- He's the producer.

14:34 -- Mr. Yusuke Hashimoto from Platinum Games takes the stage.

14:34 -- He gives a general introduction to the game and its developer, Platinum Games.

14:33 -- Kawagoe continues with Bayonetta.

14:33 -- No change in the date -- Winter 2009.

14:32 -- They hope to make it their best yet.

14:32 -- He notes that this is tri-Ace's third X360 RPG.

14:31 -- The main part of the battle system this time is gun fights.

14:31 -- Following the trailer, Suguro tells everyone that the battles are not command based.

14:30 -- Actually, the bullet time was just in the CG I think... I'm not sure if it's in the actual battle system or not.

14:30 -- Uh-oh... bullet time!

14:29 -- It's basically the same as the debut trailer, but they've put in some extra realtime battle footage.

14:29 -- He says he's brought a new trailer.

14:28 -- He's director of the game.

14:28 -- Takayuki Suguro from tri-Ace takes the stage.

14:28 -- He first begins talking about End of Eternity.

14:27 -- Ah, it's Takayuki Kawagoe, from Sega.

14:27 -- A person who's been with MS since the start will appear! Who could it be!?

14:27 -- A separate Dead Rising trailer from the one we saw today will be shown at Marketplace shortly.

14:26 -- Sensui takes the stage and explains that Inafune is overseas so couldn't appear today.

14:25 -- Hmm... a very short trailer.

14:25 -- They use all sorts of items -- roulette wheels, barrels.

14:25 -- The footage shows the characters running around the casino taking out zombies.

Well... what else were you expecting?

14:24 -- Keiji Inafune appears in a video message.

14:23 -- Next, a world exclusive trailer for Dead Rising 2.

14:23 -- It really looks like the best use of the MT Framework yet!

14:23 -- Looks intense... hopefully the trailer will be on Marketplace!

14:23 -- They grapple on to the beast and climb up to deal more damage.

14:22 -- Man, this game looks rocking -- they're showing a scene of the four players facing off against a super huge beast.

14:21 -- Jun Takeuchi appears in a video message. He's busy at Capcom so couldn't make it out to Tokyo. He's going to show a trailer offering a glimpse at 4-player co-op.

14:20 -- They're showing footage for two sequels... Hmm, what could they be?

14:20 -- Next up, Capcom.

14:20 -- The trailer they just showed will be downloadable today on Xbox Live Marketplace.

14:19 -- Coming Fall 2009.

14:19 -- Quality Tekken-style CG.

14:18 -- They're showing a trailer.

14:18 -- Next, Tekken 6!

14:17 -- Sensui takes the stage again.

14:17 -- Finally, they show a CM for the game. It will begin airing today.

14:15 -- Wait... is Glay the singer, or the group? I really don't know.

14:15 -- Damn... Glay looks hella old!

14:15 -- Yep, Glay is doing the theme song -- Synchronicity.

Now Glay delivers a video message.

14:14 -- Most of this is in the preview I linked to.

14:14 -- Now he's going over some of the features of the game.

14:13 -- Pre-orderers will get a special visual book as a bonus.

14:12 -- The game appears to have a theme song from Glay -- Synchrinocity.

14:11 -- Here are some details on Magna Carta 2, by the way: Magna Carta 2 preview

14:10 -- They're showing a trailer of the game.

14:10 -- Magna Carta 2 is set for 8/6/2009 release. Price at 8,379 yen.

14:09 -- Producer of Magna Carta 2.

14:09 -- Yoshihisa Kanesaka takes the stage.

14:09 -- First up, a new title from Namco Bandai.

14:08 -- Now, he moves on to the main part of the event.

14:08 -- This is a full Japanese language version.

14:08 -- They'll release XNA Game Studio 3.1 Japanese language version ahead of the start of the Community Games service.

14:08 -- Xbox Live Community Games will kick off in Japan in July.

14:06 -- Sensui is giving a general recap of some of the recent developments for the Xbox 360.

14:03 -- First, he posts a message thanking everyone for the system having reached a million units.

14:01 -- He says MS will be showing some thirty titles today.

14:00 -- Sensui has taken the stage.

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