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Microsoft gives MS Points away to commemorate one million 360s sold

Plus, a message from Takashi Sensui.


The Xbox 360 recently sold its one millionth system domestically, prompting somewhat of a celebration from Microsoft. The company shared details today on its "Arigatou! Campaign" ("Thanks Campaign") which could win a few lucky gamers some massive Microsoft Points.

The campaign consists of two parts. The first one, a set of special commemorative themes, is accessible for free by all Xbox Live members.

The other part of the campaign is a prize of 10,000 Microsoft Points, to be given to 100 people via raffle. Those who are interested in signing up for this part of the campaign can fill in the required information at the campaign entry page. Names are being accepted through May 31.

The campaign page.

Visitors to the campaign page will also find a a message from Microsoft Home & Entertainment Division Chief Takashi Sensui. The face of MS's Japanese Xbox 360 business offers thanks to game makers, fans and retailers for their help in reaching the one million mark, which Sensui states was the company's first goal for the system back at its launch.

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