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SNK Playmore announces domestic release for King of Fighters XII

PS3 and Xbox 360 versions arrive simultaneously later this year.


Coinciding with announcements at Microsoft's Spring lineup briefing in Tokyo today, SNK Playmore formally announced domestic releases for the home versions of its arcade fighter The King of Fighters XII. The HD fighter will hit the Japanese PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms simultaneously some time this year.

Just released to arcades earlier this month, KOFXII brings about major changes for the KOF series. Developed under the slogan "KOF Re-Birth," the game features full HD sprite-based visuals along with a slew of new gameplay systems.

Arcade screenshots of King of Fighters XII.

In international markets, the home versions were first formally announced back in March. The game is scheduled for US release in July.

The company promises specific product specs and release information in a future update.

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