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Sega shares final Virtual On release date

Xbox Live Arcade port hits on April 29; producer says to expect custom themes.


Sega announced today a final release date for Virtual On Oratorio Tangram, the Xbox Live Arcade port of its like-named arcade mech battle game. The game will be available for download on April 29, carrying the previously announced price of 1,200 yen.

The XLA version of Virtual On Oratorio Tangram is based off version 5.66 of the game -- the final version released to arcades. Sega has added three Virtualoid mechs for the home version, bringing the total count to 15, upped the visuals to HD, and added full online play via Xbox Live.

Older images of the Xbox 360 version of Virtual On Oratorio Tangram. To the right, a controller configuration that mimics the arcade version's Twin Sticks controls using the two analogue sticks.

Coinciding with the release information, the game's official blog saw an update today. In the post, Xbox 360 version producer Toru Murayama offers up a guide to getting the game for those who don't yet have the Xbox 360 hardware. He also says that gamer icons and premium themes are in the works, although specifics have yet to be finalized.

Previously, Maruyama has used the blog to discuss a possible release for a special peripheral to help mimic the arcade original's "Twin Stick" configuration. There's no mention of the peripheral in this latest update.

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