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Square Enix shows Xbox Live Arcade support

Two new titles a departure for the RPG giant.


Square Enix is expanding its Xbox Live Arcade lineup beyond just Crystal Defenders and Yosumin Live. Today, as part of a series of announcements at Microsoft's Xbox 360 Title Preview: Spring 2009 event, the company announced 0 day Attack on Earth and Project Cube for the service. Both are due for release some time this year

0 day Attack on Earth is overhead free-roaming shooter which allows players to blast away in 360 degrees. The game takes place in real cities like New York, Tokyo, and Paris and features online co-op and competitive play for players throughout the world.

The developer for 0 day Attack on Earth is Gulti, a studio which previously made Space Invaders Extreme on PSP, Raident Fighters Aces on Xbox 360, and Mamoru-kun for arcades (an Xbox 360 port of this latter title is also on the way).

Screenshots of 0 day Attack on Earth.

Project Cube is an action game which puts players in control of Leo, a robot whose goal is to both restore his memory and restart a heroine robot. In addition to three types of attacks, players can make use of a guard move which turns enemy bullets into a weapon. As with Attack on Earth, this title includes worldwide online play, with a variety of play options, including death match, team battle, and score attack.

Screenshots of Project Cube.

Trailers for the company's Xbox Live Arcade lineup, including the above two shooters, the in-release Crystal Defenders, and this Spring's Yosumin Live, can be seen at the Square Enix Channel at YouTube.

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