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Magna Carta 2 dated, gets theme song from Glay

Namco Bandai begins promoting RPG months in advance.


Namco Bandai set a final release date today for Magna Carta 2. The Korean-developed RPG, which only recently resurfaced after over a year of silence, will hit the Xbox 360 on August 6, priced at 8,379 yen.

While the release is still a few months off, Namco Bandai has already started the promotions. The first commercial for the game began airing today. Additionally, the company offered details on a pre-order bonus. Those who order in advance will get a 40 page A5-sized color art book with character illustrations, poster and package artwork, and comments from series character designer Kim Hyung-tae and the Softmax design team.

The commercial and pre-order bonus can be seen at the game's newly-opened official site The site also includes wallpaper and movie downloads, creator commentary, and a link to a special site which offers more of a multimedia look at the world and characters.

Developed by Korea's Softmax, Magna Carta 2 is set in an entirely different world from its predecessors. Players take control of Juto, who leads a quiet life on an island after having lost his memory. He gets thrust into a major war as armies invade the island.

Characters from Magna Carta 2, including Juto to the right.

The game's battle system offers a mix of action and strategy. Battles take place directly on the main fields of play, but players have to switch Juto into a battle stance in order to engage the enemies. Actual attacks are carried out in an action style, complete with combos.

On the technology side of things, Magna Carta 2 makes use of Epic's Unreal Engine 3. Namco Bandai notes the effectiveness of the engine producing the various effects used during battle.

Screenshots of Magna Carta 2, shared today by Namco Bandai.

Also at the official site is revelation that popular rock band Glay will be providing the game's theme song, Synchronicity. A message from the group can be found at the site.

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