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SNK Playmore brings fighters and more to Xbox 360

New titles for retail and Xbox Live Arcade release


SNK Playmore threw its weight behind the Xbox 360 today with a slew of announcements targeting both retail and download release.

In addition to King of Fighters XII, which had been previously announced in overseas markets, the company announced plans for a port of Samurai Spirits Sen. The arcade version, known in English as Samurai Showdown Edge of Destiny, was first released in April of 2008 and brought the classic fighting series to full HD 3D via Taito's Type X2 arcade board.

Like KOF, Samurai Spirits is a retail title. Xbox Live Arcade players have something to forward to as well, though, as SNK Playmore brings Ga-rou Mark of the Wolves to the service for release some time this year. The arcade original, part of a series known in the English world as Fatal Fury, was originally released in 1999.

Ga-rou: Mark of the Wolves

Also on the way for XLA release is The King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match, a 2006 PlayStation 2 remake of the original KOF2002. A release is planned for 2010.

Joining all these fighters is something notably different: a shooter. SNK Playmore is bringing a King of Fighters vertical scrolling shooter to XLA. Titled King of Fighters Sky Stage, the game features characters from the KOF series, each with unique capabilities. Two players can team up for cooperative play. Release and pricing information have yet to be announced.

The King of Fighters Sky Stage

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