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SFIV voice recording secrets revealed at blog

Find out who Layla is, and see the original Rufus.


The big unveiling of the PC release date for Street Fighter IV is set for May 1. But it looks like the game is approaching completion. The latest post at the SFIV official blog indicates that the development staff is working towards a master up for the game. This isn't confirmation that a release is near, but it does indeed look like the date announced on May 1 won't be too far off in the future.

This little bit of non-news was a small part of the first of two updates (that's right, two!) for the blog today. The focus on the first update was actually on the console versions' title update, which should be available for download now.

For those wanting to know what they'll be getting, here's a quick summary of the blog post.

Championship Mode -- get it today!

[end_p text="Click here for details on Championship Mode and some SFIV development secrets" /]

Championship mode splits players up into four levels based off their abilities: SG, G1, G2, and G3. S, by the way, stands for "Super." There's also a Free Championship mode, which allows for competition between players of any level.

One interesting note about Championship Mode is that you can't see your opponent's character in advance. You won't know who your opponent has selected until you reach the versus splash screen.

Wondering what those GP and CP figures are all about? Here are the details.

GP stands for Grade Points. You earn these when you advance to the high levels of a championship. GP makes your player rank rise.

CP stands for Championship Points. This figure is a rating that's the sum of the GP of the players who are participating in the championship. If you take part in a championship tournament with players with a high GP value, you'll be able to earn more CP.

CP is important for rankings. Get in the top 5000 CP ranking, and you'll qualify for uploading your replay videos.

There's somewhat of a major limit to the replay feature, it seems. Each player is limited to uploading one replay video at a time. Future uploads will overwrite the current video.

The second post of the day is an inside look at the SFIV voice recording process from project manager Natsuki Shiozawa. This post was originally going to be about Battle Planner work, but ended up being pretty much focused on the voice recording, so Shiozawa made it into a column exclusively about the voice recording.

According to the post, each character has between 70 and 80 voices just for battle. There was also dialogue for the other areas of the game along with the "Aratanaru Kizuna" anime, leading to a massive number of lines.

The script shown midway through the page, by the way, is the script from the anime. The name "Layla" appears in the script. This was actually Viper's other name before it was finalized as Maya.

(On a side note, I was seriously listening to a live Eric Clapton's rendition of Layla as I wrote this!)

Regarding auditions, Shiozawa notes that most of the voices were new due to this being the first new SF game in 10 years. When selecting voice actors, they had to make sure that the selections did not stray from fan images. The most difficult choice was for Ryu... simply because it's Ryu.

Not everyone had a new voice actor. Ken was performed by Yuji Kishi, carrying the role over from SFIII 3rd Strike.

One particularly interesting revelation in the post is about Rufus. See these two pics:

The left is the initial design for Rufus. The right is the final design.

The Rufus voice actor, Wataru Hatano, was chosen with the original design in mind. But just before recording, they ended up totally changing the design to the final version.

Shiozawa recalls being shocked by the change. Hatano was also so surprised that when he received the fax of the final design, he called and said that he'd been sent a wrong fax.

For those who are interested, Shiozawa lists her favorite SFIV lines at the bottom of the post. The lines are in Japanese, so please contact your local embassy if assistance is needed.

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