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2channel founder Hiroyuki to host Halo Wars Night

Latest Xbox Live Park event.


Volume 74 of Microsoft's Xbox Live Park online events has a somewhat unexpected guest. Microsoft announced today that 2channel founder Hiroyuki Nishimura will host the series' Halo Wars Night event on May 9 from 19:15 to 22:00.

Nishimura will be joined by Halo Wars JP community members Airlity and Nemuke, known as top Halo Wars players. The three will team up for tag team play on the game's Fort Deen map.

Hiroyuki plays Halo Wars .

As always, the proceedings will be broadcast live on the Nico Nico Douga service. This video service is actually run by Niwango, whose CEO is Nishimura.

Those who are interested in taking part in the event will need to add gamer tag Live Park 07 to their friend list. Only the first 100 people will be accepted.

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