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Famicom Wars, Final Fantasy join Virtual Console in May

Nintendo shares upcoming lineup for retro download service.


Nintendo shared a look today at its upcoming lineup of Virtual Console downloads for the month of May. The download service has a small lineup for the coming month, perhaps owing to the Golden Week vacation period, but will be offering a few major classics.

The full lineup is as follows:

  • Downtown Special Kuniokun no Jidagekidayo Zenin Shugou! (Arc System Works, Famicom, 500 WiiPoints)
  • Ninja-kun Ashura no Sho (Jaleco, Famicom, 500)
  • Final Fantasy (Square Enix, Famicom, 500)
  • Famicom Wars (Nintendo, Famicom, 500)
  • Hoshi no Kirby 3 (Nintendo, Super Famicom, 800)
  • R-Type (Irem Soft, Master System, 500)
  • Sim Earth (Hudson, PC Engine, 800)
  • Numan Althetics (Namco Bandai, Arcade, 800)
  • Youkai Douchuuki (Namco Bandai, Arcade, 800)

Of these, Hoshi no Kirby 3, Numan Athletics, and Youkai Douchuuki are due out on April 28. Everything else has unspecified dates in May. Final release dates are typically announced the week prior to release.

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