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Here's what Kojima's resume says

How come there's two Snatchers but no Metal Gear Solid 2?


Wondering what that mock resume from Hideo Kojima's Dream Classroom session is all about? First off, it's not really a resume. It was just used as a method for Kojima to recap the sequence of key events in his life.

The main part of the resume is the "Path to Game Design" timeline. Here's what it says:

  • 1963: Born in Tokyo's Setagaya Ward
  • 1966: Meets "film" through TV broadcast "Nichi Youga Gekijou" (a weekly sunday movie special -- incidentally, I was watching this week's while writing my story on the Dream Classroom event)
  • 1969: Meets "outer space" through live broadcast of Apollo 11 Moon landing
  • 1970: Meets "World" and "Future" at World Fair
  • 1974: Meets mystery books. I couldn't make out the second part fully, but it has something to do with western movies.
  • 1975: Begins creating mystery novels
  • 1976: Meets SF adventure novels
  • 1977: Begins creating SF novels
  • 1978: Forms Hedatsu Productions with friends. Begins making movies.
  • 1983: Meets Xevious (AC) and Famicom
  • 1985: Meets Super Mario Bros. and Portopia Renzoku Satsujin Jiken
  • 1986: Joins Konami, begins creating games
  • 1987: Creates MSX Metal Gear
  • 1988: Creates PC88 Snatcher
  • 1992: Creates PC Engine Snatcher
  • 1995: Creates PC9821 Policenauts
  • 1998: Creates PlayStation Metal Gear Solid
  • 2003: Creates GBA Bokura no Taiyou, Creates Metal Gear Solid The Twin Snakes

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