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Gears 2 release formally formalized

July 30, buyable in three extremely expensive ways.


Following up on last night's Gears of War 2 release date reveal, Microsoft made a more formal announcement today.

As detailed on the main channel, the game will be available on July 30 in a 8,190 standard edition, a 9,240 yen limited edition that includes all the extras from the overseas LE, and as part of a 10,290 yen twin pack that bundles the first and second games. Microsoft didn't share packaging for the twin pack, but did say that it will contain the Platinum Collection version of the original and the standard edition of 2.

Gears 2 is currently without a rating, but is expected to be Z according to MS.

Here's the Gears 2 media MS handed out today.

[end_p text="Click for Japanese Gear 2 media" /]

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