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Pots, pans and afros in Tales of the World Mothers Day special

Latest TOW: RM download content.


The latest Tales of the World download content is themed around Mothers Day. I think.

As usual, the content includes an EX Attack challenge and some download items.

The EX Attack is titled Mothers Day. Open exclusively to swordsmen, the quest offers top players -- those who rank in the top 100 -- a fry pan and a ladle.

I suppose those bonuses make sense, seeing as how moms like to be in the kitchen and thus like getting pots and ladles as gifts.

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The three items that are given to anyone who participates in the challenge, however -- a bit harder to explain:

From left to right, Storm Bringer, Ao-oni E (Blue Devil E), and Orikami Kabuto (paper kabuto).

I'm not sure where these are from. They could be related to other Namco games, or they could just be random items.

The key download for this quest will be available through May 13. It was made available on the 28th. Three days ago, and I'm just writing about it now.

The items for this update, also available since Tuesday, include bonito, flatfish, long onion, and crab claws D -- all food-themed.

The onion was previously given away as a promotion for the Tales of Community fan site.

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