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Street Fighter IV PC Hits Japan First!

Take that, you people who aren't in Japan!


Proving once again that they're not a bunch of liars, Capcom lived up to last week's promise and announced a final release date today for the PC version of Street Fighter IV.

As detailed at the SFIV official blog, the Windows XP/Windows Vista compatible PC version will arrive to Japan on July 2, apparently ahead of the rest of the world. Pricing is set at 7,340 yen.

Here's the box:

The blog post says the PC version is like the post-title-update Xbox 360 version. It specifically says "Xbox 360 version." I presume that means the PC version has the 360 exclusive stuff from the update. Or it could just be because of the "Live" functionality.

The post also details the "extra touch" visual effects that were announced at Captivate.

They'll be announcing required and recommended specs shortly.

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