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Sega's Yakuza Hostess Contest Detailed

For all my lady readers!


You might have heard by now that Sega is making a new Yakuza (Ryu ga Gotoku) game for the PlayStation 3. You might have also heard that it's going to be set in modern times like Yakuza 3.

All that was revealed in this week's flying-get Famitsu rush as reported on a bunch of other sites. Today, Sega made official announcement of the sequel and the first of what will presumably be a string of unique promotional campaigns.

It's all detailed in this poster:

Sega will be holding auditions for the general public to play the hostess club girls in the new game. Those who pass a couple of tough rounds of judgment will end up being used in the "in-game CG animations" for the game -- presumably as in the above poster, which features the models from fashion magazine Ageha as depicted in Yakuza 3.

Winning candidates will also be required to take part in promotional activities, including an appearance at the Tokyo Game Show and possibly at various press conferences for the game.

Ladies ages 18 and up can apply at ryu-audition.com. Submission materials include basic stats like name, age, job, blood type, and height, and a simple self introduction. Oh yeah... Sega also wants two pictures, one full body and one "bust up." Also, anyone under 20 needs to include a parental consent form.

Submissions are being accepted from today through June 19. Sega will select 50 people based solely off the submitted materials. This group will then proceed to a second round of judging via closed auditions. The final third round of judging will be open auditions complete with web voting!

The final cast will consist of 5 to 10 people.

While not mentioned in Sega's announcement today, producer Toshihiro Nagoshi did tell Famitsu that Sega is planning a similar audition promotion for males and other age groups. Sign me up for baka gaijin duty, Nagoshi!

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