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Red's Mystery Project is a Pachinko Game

Secret Princess's secret was best left untold.


Remember that mystery Red Entertainment project from last week? Secret Princess saw its full unveiling today, and the big secret appears to be that it's not a game -- at least not in the vein of the studio's other works like Sakura Wars and Tengai Makyo.

Secret Princess is referred to as "original character content". The characters of the Secret Princess universe are being developed in conjunction with IGT Japan, a company that's working with Red on pachislot machine productions. The first product to use the characters and world is, sure enough, a pachislot machine titled Secret Princess: Let's Go Play.

Red is looking into other uses for Secret Princess, but nothing has been set.

You can get a closer look at Secret Princess at the franchise's official site. In addition to background story and "charactor" information, the site has a section with videos, wallpapers and a fansite kit.

If you do make a fansite for a pachinko game, please do inform me!

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