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Love the retro sounds of Star Ocean Blue Sphere

Square Enix opens page for remake Game Boy Star Ocean game.


There's a new Star Ocean on the way! Well... sorta.

Word of a mobile version of Star Ocean Blue Sphere first leaked out earlier in the week. Today, Square Enix made the news more official with an official site.

The site currently has some text detailing the story, along with profiles of three characters: Precis, Ashton, and Celine. But more important is that retroific theme song that plays in the background!

Star Ocean Blue Sphere was originally released on Game Boy back in 2001 as a side story title for the Star Ocean series. As detailed in this week's Famitsu, the new mobile version is the first time the game has seen a port. Updates include fully remade visuals and sound.

As usual, iMode owners will get the game first, with Square Enix aiming for a July release. An EZweb version will follow in August, with a Yahoo! Keitai version set for October.

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