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Nintendo unveils new DSi Ware titles

Magic, puzzles, English language, and travel guides due out this week.


Square Enix's first DSi Ware game is due out this week in the form of an adaptation of the Kimura Takuya drama Mr. Brain. It won't be alone, though. Nintendo has announced plans for a bunch of games to arrive opposite Mr. Brain on the 27th.

DSi downloaders can look forward to the following Nintendo-branded titles:

Chotto Magic Taizen Nensha Camera

The sixth installment in Nintendo's mini magic series carries the usual price of 200 DSi Points. You start the game by asking a friend to pick a card by name and suite. You then take a picture of your friend as he thinks heavily about the card, and the DSi will apparently be able to figure out what card was chosen.

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Puzzle Iro Iro Monthly Crossword House Vol.1

This is the first in a new puzzle series. Vol.2 and 3 have also been announced but without a release date. Pricing for each volume is set at 500 DSi Points.

Each entry in the series includes 50 puzzles from the latest issue of puzzle magazine Crossword House. Puzzle types include crossword puzzles, illustration logic, and number cross. The program provides a number of handy features, including the ability to save midway through a puzzle, allowing you to tackle multiple problems simultaneously, and direct handwritten input for responses.

Vol.1 will include puzzles primarily from the July issue of Crossword House, which is due out on June 2.

Rhythm de Kitaeru: Atarashii Eigo Zuke

The name of this latest Premium DSi Ware game translates to something along the lines of "Fortify through Rhythm: New English Trainer." This is a DSi Ware version of Nintendo's popular Eigo Zuke series of retail DS English training programs. It will consist of two 800 DSi Point parts, a beginners edition that's due out on the 27th, and a "native speaker" edition that's due for release in the near future.

The title promises a three step approach to English language training: listening lessons, pronunciation lessons, and rhythm lessons. The pronunciation drills have players repeat voiced phrases. The listening drills have players write the phrases that are dictated to them. The rhythm drills have players repeat phrases against a metronome in order to ensure proper rhythm.

Outside of the drills, the title include a 25 chapter drama. Each chapter consists of 5 to 10 pieces of dialogue, ensuring that anyone should be able to get all the way through. In the beginner's version, the drama is a love story centering on two characters, Bob and Cathy.

Pocket Rurubu Tokyo/Kyoto

This series of travel programs makes use of information from travel magazine Rurubu. The first two installments, Tokyo and Kyoto, are due out on the 27th at 800 DSi Points each. Others entries are expected to follow in the future.

Each entry offers convenient tools for assisting you on your trip. You can search for specific locations, or have the program create an itinerary for you from six themed tours. The software also includes maps that have been marked up with hot spots. These points of interest can be added to a "to go" list for easy access. You can also create schedules using memo-style direct stylus input and create a travel diary using the DSi cameras.

The Tokyo and Kyoto versions include information that's current as of February 2009.

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