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Guilty Gear, BlazBlue to make cameos in Arc's new WiiWare game

Latest Okiraku game hits on June 2.


Arc's latest entry in its "Okiraku" series of casual WiiWare games is Okiraku Daifuugou Wii. It's due for release on June 2, priced at the usual 500 yen.

While past entries have focused on more physical sports like table tennis and air hockey, the new entry is a collection of three card games: Daifugou, Speed, and Concentration. The games feature Wiimote pointer controls and can be played online with players throughout the nation.

The three included card games.

Particularly notable is the paid download content Arc has planned for the game. Players will be able to buy card packs which feature special card designs. The first pack, set for release simultaneous with the main game, includes 11 cards with designs from such series as Battle Fantasia, Guilty Gear 2, and BlazBlue. Pricing for the pack is set at 100 WiiPoints.

Get these special cards for 100 yen.

For a closer look at the game, including streaming movies, see Arc's official site, which just opened today.

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