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Wii Food Channel Kicks Off Today

Order pizza, sushi and more directly from your Wii!

Nintendo's newest channel.

The latest Wii Channel opened for service today. Wii owners can now place delivery food orders through their Wii using the new "Demae Channel."

A tie-up between Nintendo and food delivery portal Demae-can (a website from a group called Yume no Machi Souzou Iinkai), the Demae Channel replicates the online Demae-can order experience on Nintendo's console.

I haven't tried the service out myself just yet, but an introduction video at Nintendo's Channel site demonstrates the order process.

You first select a genre, choosing from such fare as pizza, Chinese, Japanese, and so forth. In typical Nintendo fashion, you can also have a roulette choose your genre for you.

Once your genre is selected, you're given a list of restaurants from which to choose. Under the pizza heading, you'll find such options as Dominos and Pizza Hut (no Round Table because Japan doesn't have Round Table because Japan sucks). Select a restaurant, and you're shown information about the shop, along with wait time.

You place an order by selecting items from the restaurant's visual menu. The Channel includes "stamp" functionality, which allows you to mark items that interest you. This allows you to make last minute comparisons before coming to your purchase decision. You can also select options for your food -- toppings for your pizza, wasabi or no wasabi for your sushi, for instance. Prior to placing your order, you can set up a specific delivery time.

Once you've placed an order, a confirmation mail is sent directly to your Wii. Your order is also placed in a history so you can make the same order again with little hassle.

As with the actual Demae site, payment is handled in cash upon delivery.

Sample image from Demae showing the ordering process.

There are a couple of areas of concern involving such things as coupons and so-forth, but I'll avoid commenting on them until I've tried out the service for myself.

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