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Wii Naruto Teaser Page Opens

No actual details, but a couple of contests for the real Naruto fans.


You might have heard news recently about a new Wii Naruto game as featured in the latest issue of Weekly Jump. Takara Tomy has started opening up on the game outside of the comic magazine.

The company opened a special website yesterday for the Naruto 10th Anniversary Game Project. This project appears to be the code name for a new Wii entry in the series.

As with the Jump article, the page doesn't share any actual details on the game. The page mostly seems to be in place to promote a couple of fan contests.

Already mentioned in jump was a costume design contest which will allow fans to color in an alternate costume for the game. Even if you're unable to participate in the contest, you can still download the Naruto drawing sample from the site to color in yourself.

Also detailed at the site is a ninjutsu design contest. The contest asks that participants design their own ninjutsu move for use by Naruto in the game. Submissions must include an illustration along with explanations. The winning submitter will get his name in the staff role.

Submissions for both contests are being accepted until August 20.

The flash animation at the site suggests a Winter 2009 release for the new Naruto game.

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