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More on the Evangelion News Cast

Tech talk and more pics of cell shaded Misato.


Those punks at Famitsu.com managed to use their connections to get a whole bunch of additional details and screens for Namco Bandai's new PS3 Evangelion "game." Go to the Famitsu.com story for more shots of cell shaded Misato, and read on for additional details.

An unexpected first Evangelion title for PS3.

As detailed earlier here at this site, Misato Katsuragi's Reporting Plan is a unique paid news service for your PS3. For a monthly fee of 800 yen, you'll gain access to a daily news broadcast called Nerv News 24. The broadcast consists of hostess Misato Katsuragi, of Evangelion fame, reading newspaper articles to you.

The Famitsu.com story details some of the technology that's being used by developer Cellius in making the title. Misato's voice is totally computer generated -- they don't actually have a voice actor reading the news every day. To achieve a realistic voice, Cellius is making use of Ruby Talk, a speech synthesis middleware technology from Hitachi ULSI. You can hear some general samples at the Ruby Talk product page.

Sadly, the Famitsu.com story doesn't go into details on the product's visuals. They too seem to be of quite high quality, so I'd assumed that Cellius might be using some special visualization techniques. Namco Bandai hasn't shared high resolution shots, but the cell shading does look very smooth.

Outside of just Misato, the product gets its full visual interface and menu theme from Evangelion. Some modes will apparently make use of the classical music that was used in the movie.

As previously detailed here, viewers can change the setting, camera angle, and also select Misato's clothing. You can see screens of all this in the Famitsu.com article.

Would anyone actually pay 800 yen to have an anime character read the newspaper to them? Perhaps. A caption in the Famitsu.com story reads "Misato will read the news just for you. This is presumably an overwhelming situation for fans." Well see...

If this gets you hot, seek help quick!

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