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Academy Award Winning Animated Short Coming to Wii Download Service

Tsumiki no Ie coming to Everyone's Theater Wii.


While Nintendo's video-on-demand service ended up being more of an infomercial-on-demand service, it turns out that Wii owners already had access to a full video service through Fujisoft's "Minna no Theater Wii" (Everyone's Theater Wii"). The service, downloadable from Wii Shopping Channel as WiiWare program, launched January and now has a large lineup of anime, variety programs, and dramas.

Add a bit of international name recognition to the service in just a few days. Fujisoft announced today that the service will soon take delivery of Tsumiki no Ie (La Maison en Petits Cubes), an animated short film from director Kunio Kato. This work got international attention when it won the Academy Award for best animated short earlier this year.

The movie will be available on June 1 for a 300 yen rental. A two minute trailer for the movie can be downloaded now.

Kato's other works are also scheduled to appear at the service in the future.

Flash poster for Tsumiki no Ie.

In all, viewers can access 3,500 pieces of content on the Minna no Theater channel. Currently, the channel is lacking in the movie department -- there are no Western movies from what I can see -- but with a large library already in place, perhaps momentum will carry this to being the Wii's main video service.

For a full look at the Minna no Theater lineup, see the official site.

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